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Finally there's a business school for people like us

It starts with you. Your drive, your mission and your values. And how we all adapt to this new world.

It can be a lonely place being an entrepreneur. And for a growing movement of founders that aren’t in it for the money, it can be even worse.

Those closest to you think you’re crazy, particularly if you have ambitions to leave a secure 9–5 job for the the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship. Self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of skills means many great ideas never see the light of day.

Since 2012 The Happy Startup School has been on a mission to change that. We've helped thousands of people around the world to make the leap into the unknown and pursue a life and business rich with purpose.

In our thriving, friendly community you'll meet other founders, freelancers and changemakers that are doing business differently and learn a tried and tested approach for making your startup a happy one – where money and meaning meet. 

Our vastly experienced coaches, powerful courses and time-saving tools will arm you with the confidence and permission to build a business that makes you come alive and allows you to achieve success on your own terms.

"The Happy Startup School is the antidote to business as usual, and when running yourself into the ground no longer make sense. Here’s a community of people that are living proof that a more human(e), healthy, loving and fun way of doing business - or indeed any kind of work - is more than possible." Agnes, UK

Hey there!

We're Laurence and Carlos, the founders of The Happy Startup School since 2012 (and friends since actual school). We've created this platform as an antidote to business as usual – where learning is fun and true friends are made, not just business contacts.

With more than 20 years experience each working with entrepreneurs and new businesses, we've curated some powerful resources and a thriving community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs that think like you do. These are crazy times and we're working hard to ensure you get the help you need, just when you need it.

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Here's the sort of thing you can expect to see under the hood

🎥 How to powerfully communicate your idea

Many entrepreneurs we come across have trouble communicating their idea clearly. The two key challenges they face are: getting too bogged down in explaining the details of their solution and fear of failure/judgement. They focus too much on the solution and then are scare the people will say their solution is rubbish. If you've experienced this then this video should help

🎥 Are you an artist or entrepreneur?

The source for the products we create in the world can either be from the inside-out (artist way) or the outside-in (entrepreneurs way). Watch to learn more.

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The Happy Entrepreneur's Journey

Whatever stage you're at, we've got your back.

Become a member today and get access to inspiring courses and classes – whether you're looking to start, grow or lead with purpose. This isn't any community, this is the happy startup community – and it's not just for startups!


Find clarity and launch your first digital product

From a working product to a thriving business

Be your best self to make the impact you crave

Self-paced online learning

  • 🎓 Access to our flagship Purpose+Profit program – our step-by-step guide to bringing your ideas to life
  • 📘 Recommended reads & listens where we curate the top books and podcasts to help you on your entrepreneurial journey
  • 📺 Live Q&As with our founders Carlos and Laurence where you can get your questions answered

Peer support every day

  • 🔥 Themed campfire conversations with fellow members on key topics such as how to get your business online
  • 💺 Group coaching calls where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now from the brilliant minds in this community
  • 🏃 Action Café – our weekly virtual co-working session where you can co-work remotely with fellow members and get the important stuff done
  • 💡 Ideas Café – our monthly knowledge exchange in small, facilitated mastermind groups
  • 💼 Mentor office hours where you can get book free time with some of our wonderful mentors including VCs and serial entrepreneurs

Exclusive content & invitations

  • ▶️ Regular webinars with special guests and thought leaders
  • ✒️ Exclusive posts from our founders and mentors
  • 🎬 Exclusive videos including priority access to all talks from our annual Summercamp as well as our archive of webinars and interviews
  • 🍕 Local member meetups in Amsterdam, Brighton, London and a growing amount of cities (even start your own)
  • Personal invitation and a discount to our annual Summercamp in the UK countryside where 150 likeminded souls gather together 

Your tribe awaits

Learn from some amazing humans

You'll meet marketeers & mentors; designers & developers; coaches & content writers; artists and accountants that you can trust and want to help.

"Having a community like the one The Happy Startup School has created is invaluable because they care about you and they care about your success. If you don't have a community, you can't benefit from years, literally hundreds of years of experience, like what we have here." 

Chris Chopyak, author of Picture Your Business Strategy

Shared values
The people you'll meet in this community are a different breed. Where others see competition and self-interest, they see collaboration.

Challenging questions
The right question can transform a business. We ask the crunchy questions that get you thinking deeper.

Conversations that matter
We firmly believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connections, so we've created a safe space where we can sweat the big stuff.

Why struggle alone?

Ask for help and feel the power of our community

Nicholas Himowicz, Founder of Mind Apps

Find collaborators, customers & mentors that will help you succeed

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Rula Giakoumi, Project Manager

"A school to learn from beauties – teachers, buddies and mentors – that see amazingness in other people's nuttiness."

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“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from investments in meaningful activities and relationships.” Adam Grant

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