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The Happy Startup School

An amazing community of entrepreneurs and changemakers supporting each other to achieve their dreams  

"The Happy Startup School is the antidote to business as usual, and when running yourself into the ground no longer make sense. Here’s a community of people that are living proof that a more human(e), healthy, loving and fun way of doing business - or indeed any kind of work - is more than possible." Agnes, UK

Hey there!

We're Laurence and Carlos, the founders of The Happy Startup School (and friends since actual school). We've created this community as an antidote to the soulless, traditional business networks and institutions that exist.

Here you'll find a thriving community of purpose-driven founders and leaders that think like you do. Where you’ll get the help you need, just when you need it. 

This is for those that want to make a positive dent in the world.

This is your tribe.

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Your tribe awaits

Connect with others that are breaking away from business as usual 

Shared values
The people you'll meet in this community are a different breed. Where others see competition and self-interest, they see collaboration.

Challenging questions
The right question can transform a business. We ask the crunchy questions that get you thinking deeper.

Conversations that matter
We firmly believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connections, so we've created a safe space where we can sweat the big stuff.

Why struggle alone?

Ask for help and feel the power of our community

With 24-7 access you'll shortcut your way to the people, tools and resources you need to succeed

All for less than $1 a day

  • ▶️ Monthly masterclasses on everything from getting clear on your vision to building your tribe
  • 🎬 Coaching videos from the founders of The Happy Startup School 
  • 💺 Hot seats where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now from the smart minds in this community
  • 📚 Study guides to turn your knowledge into action with engaging questions, mental exercises, and progress-driving tasks.
  • 🆘 Peer-to-peer support via group video calls and our vibrant online forum to keep you accountable
  • 🎓 Mentor office hours where you can get help from some of the serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders in our community
  • ✒️ Exclusive articles from the founders of The Happy Startup School 
  • 📘 Recommended reads / listens where we curate the top books and podcasts to help you on your entrepreneurial journey
  • 💰 Exclusive invitation and $200 discount to our annual Summercamp  

What you'll learn

How to find a balance between money and meaning

Read the happiness trap on Medium

Over the last 5 years we've built our reputation on creating game-changing experiences and programs both online and around the world that help people realise that dream in their head. This app brings together everything into one place – all at your fingertips and for a fraction of the cost of our in-person gatherings.

Each quarter we have a different focus in the community to help you develop mastery in areas where you need to level up – whether you're in the rat race and wanting to bring more passion and purpose to your work, or an idealist struggling to make ends meet.

Q1 – Dream

Success and you
Get clear on your vision
Get better ideas faster

Q2 – Make

Design that converts
The best startup tools

Becoming a social media ninja

Q3  – Grow

Finding your first customers
Building your tribe
Leading your tribe

Q4 – Sustain

Making money work for you
Work smarter, not harder
Wellbeing and balance

"A school to learn from beauties – teachers, buddies and mentors – that see amazingness in other people's nuttiness." Rula, London

Our member pledge

We need business eco-systems not ego-systems. We believe with the help of our community every member can transform their world, because everyone is focused on giving before getting and truly wants others to succeed, and willing to offer their support to make it happen.

Each person to join our community pledges to:
Collaborate not compete
Give before they get
Be open and vulnerable
Think long-term
Make a positive dent in the world
Have fun along the way!

What it's worth

12 monthly masterclasses worth $600
Courses worth $500
Mentoring worth $500
Coaching videos & materials worth $250
Camp discount worth $200
Ready-made network $priceless

Total value $2000+

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Our study guarantee

If there's something you'd like to see on the platform that's not already there (within reason), we'll create it for you!

“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from investments in meaningful activities and relationships.” Adam Grant

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The Happy Startup team. Read our story.

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